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Freith Fairy Bath Bomb Parties & More 

Corporate Events & Workshops

Positive living, stress management and looking after yourself are essential for succeeding in the modern workplace. Freith Fairy corporate workshops are specifically designed to teach participants new, life enhancing skills as well as give them a little treat and a sense of achievement.


In our workshops participants learn how to make their own Lush- style pamper products incorporating craft with aromatherapy. We use high quality essential oils focussing on therapeutic aromatherapy properties. Participants learn to identify which scents and colours are relaxing and stress relieving and which have mood-lifting and energising properties. They are encouraged to identify their own needs and taught to make pamper products which will enhance their feeling of personal wellbeing. Many activities involve group decision making and teamwork, making our workshops suitable for team building activities.


Depending on your requirements our workshops can take a number of formats:

A group size of 6 - 10 participants per session is ideal as it necessitates positive group dynamics.

Taster sessions last 45 minutes. Participants make one designated pamper product during this time.
Full sessions last for 90 minutes. Participants make two different items.

If you anticipate a larger number of participants, several sessions back to back work best. We need about 15 minutes between sessions to set up.


Here is a list of the items we could make:

1 - Bath salts in a presentation cone made from muscle relaxing sea salt and skin softening almond oil. Participants choose which fragrance, colour and decorative botanicals they with to add and layer the salt into the cone. Very pretty and encourages team work as participants need to help each other to fill cones.
2 - Salt or sugar foot scrub. We add sprigs of fresh rosemary or blend in fresh herbs such as mint.
3 - Bath bombs. Participants have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of fragrances and colours.

4 - Flavoured sugar scrub for lips. Tasty and fun to make.
5 - Fragranced bath gel. Participants mix, scent and colour the gels, then design the packaging.
(The above products don't need any special equipment, just enough table space to accommodate each participant.)


6 - Nourishing hand cream - made from shea butter, almond oil and wax set in a tub which can be decorated to choice.
7 - Lip balm - see above.
8 - Solid hand cream - made from shea butter, almond oil and wax, set into a shape of the participant's choice. The cream bar is rubbed gently between the hands to release the cream. Ideal for chapped winter hands!
9 - Melt & Pour soap - Coloured and fragranced by the group, then poured into individual containers and decorated.
(Products 6 - 9 require easy access to a microwave and some fridge space for letting the products set. Products 6 & 7 can only be made in a 2 hour session as they need to set before participants can take them home.)


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss details or have any questions. Prices depend on group size, length of sessions and products chosen.

Workshops for Children and Adults

We offer themed workshops. They will be advertised separately on our Facebook page.

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