Freith Fairy Bath Bomb Parties & More
Freith Fairy Bath Bomb Parties & More 

School activities and workshops

Freith Fairy offers unique craft workshops, demonstrations and activities for children and teenagers that are well suited for activity days or after school clubs.


In our workshops, participants learn how to make their own Lush- style pamper products such as bath bombs, creams, soaps and bath salts. The classes combine a wide range of educational benefits in a very enjoyable and stimulating context and provide a very satisfying multi-sensory learning experience for students of all ages and levels.


In a typical session, students will be guided through making their own bath bombs or similar products while learning about the properties and benefits of the ingredients. The workshops are all hands on. Students get involved in weighing, mixing, choosing fragrances, colours and moulds to create their items. In the second phase, students design their own packaging for the items they have created.

Freith Fairy workshops involve creativity, craft, planning, decision making and most of all, a lot of fun. Participants learn new, life enhancing skills as well as receiving a little treat and a sense of achievement.


We use high quality essential oils and natural ingredients focussing on therapeutic and aromatherapy properties. Participants learn to identify which scents and colours are relaxing and stress relieving and which have mood-lifting and energising properties. They are encouraged to identify their own needs and taught to make pamper products which will enhance their feeling of personal wellbeing. Many activities involve group decision making and teamwork, making our workshops suitable for team building activities.


All classes can be tailored to age and group size.


Freith Fairy has liability insurance and is Disclosure checked.


Here is a  list of items students could make in our workshops:


1 - Bath bombs. Participants have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of fragrances and colours.


2 - Bath salts in a presentation cone made from muscle relaxing sea salt and skin softening almond oil. Participants choose which fragrance, colour and decorative botanicals they with to add and layer the salt into the cone. Very pretty and encourages team work as participants need to help each other to fill cones.


3 - Slime - lots of different types to choose from.


4 - Flavoured sugar scrub for lips. Tasty and fun to make.


(The above products don't need any special equipment, just enough table space to accommodate each participant.)



Prices depend on group size, length of sessions and products chosen.



What area do we cover:

Edinburgh, Lothians & Fife

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